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Keynote Presentation – Opening Ceremony

28 June 2022

Design Principles for a Changing World

Prakash Nair, AIA                              Roni Zimmer Doctori
President & CEO                                 Principal Architect
Education Design International          Education Design International

Abstract: In the future, the time and space-based model of education represented by tens of thousands of schools and universities worldwide will give way to a more distributed place-based learning model. Despite the enormous benefits it offers, place-based learning remains a fringe movement today. This presentation will show how fledgling place-based education movements are already leading the way towards a system of education that is more equitable, humane, economically viable and socially essential.  In fact, we predict that place-based education will become the dominant model of learning in as little as 15 to 20 years and will have fully replaced schools as we know them by the middle of the 21st century.

Profiles of Keynote speakers

Prakash Nair
Founding President & CEO
Education Design International

Prakash Nair is a world-renowned architect, futurist and the Founding President & CEO of Education Design International.  Over the past 20 years, Prakash has helped build EDI into the global leader for school design with innovative work in 52 countries on six continents. Prakash has won many international awards including the A4LE MacConnell Award.

Prakash has written dozens of articles in leading education journals, and he has written three books. His first book, The Language of School Design is used as a textbook on school design at leading universities.  His book, Blueprint for Tomorrow: Redesigning Schools for Student-Centered Learning was published by Harvard Education Press and has already become the industry gold standard for innovative school design worldwide.

Prakash served as an instructor for Harvard X “Leaders of Learning”, an online course that lets you explore and understand your own theories of learning and leadership. More than 230,000 people from around the world registered for and attended this course.



Roni Zimmer Doctori
Principal Architect
Education Design International

Roni Zimmer Doctori has over 19 years of professional architectural and project management experience. She is a co-author of the highly acclaimed book on school design titled, Learning by Design: Live | Play | Engage | Create co-authored by Harvard Prof. Richard Elmore

She has lectured, conducted workshops, presented keynote talks and delivered a full day Masterclass on school design in different parts of the world including Australia,  Canada and the United States.

Her portfolio of educational work includes various schools throughout Israel. For the past five years, Roni has collaborated on innovative educational projects including the nationally renowned GOGYA Teacher Training Academy developed by the AMIT Network of schools. During this time, she has traveled to/worked on projects in Australia, Canada, India, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Timor Leste and the United States.