MATHFactor Competition, Europe 2014
(with international participation)
Become the youth mathematics communication idol of 2014!

MATHFactor Final Competition 2014 (click here to download the invitation)

Communicate mathematics in 3 minutes and use your communication talent in stimulating the imagination of the public, express mathematical ideas to your fellow classmates and to a non-specialist audience.


1. The first prize will be a laptop and related certificate

2. The second prize will be an iPad and related certificate

3. The third prize will be a book and related certificate. 

These prizes cannot be redeemed for cash or any other form

 Click here to download the "MATHFactor Guidelines" for teachers and students

 Click here to download the MATHFactor Competition Rules

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MATHFactor Competition 2014 - Phase I Results (click here)

European Mathematical Society
Munich Re

Nicosia Municipality