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Optional Excursions for Saturday 2 April 2016 and/or Sunday 3 April 2016 @ 09:00 - 13:00

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Price: 25euro per person (includes the transfers and guide)

The Royal tombs of Vergina, represent only one of the many archaeological finds in the ancient city  of Aegae - the first capital of the ancient macedons built on thefoothills of mount Olympus and close to the biggest river in Greece, Aliakmon. 

The museum was built in the shape of a huge shell protecting 4 macedonian type of  tombs, two of which were found intact by Manolis Andronikos in 1976 and identified as the tomb of Philip the second father of Alexander the Great and the tomb of Alexander IV. In the museum we enjoy the view of the golden boxes that contained the bones of the two men, the funerary gifts made of gold, silver, bronze, iron, glass and wool and we will find out where Philip was assasinated,  the rituals of the cremation and burial services that followed his murder as well as  the high level of  art the locals achieved for the occasion. 

Ancient Aegae is protected by UNESCO. 

OPTION 2 - AMPHIPOLIS (includes the transfers and guide)

Price: 25euro per person (includes the transfers and guide)

Amphipolis was established as a colony by the ancient athenians in the 5th c BCE, later conquered by the Spartans and finally by Philip the second father of Alexander the Great. The latter used the port of Amphipolis to launch his campaign against the Persians in the the year 334bce. Built on the banks of river Strymon and close to via Egnatia, is mentioned as a place St Paul met on his way to Thessaloniki. 

The past few years the new sensational finds regarding a huge tomb that belongs to Hephaestion, friend of Alexander, has offered new and precious information about the ancient city and history of ancient Macedonia. 

Other parts of the ancient city include the North fortification wall and remnants of the ancient bridge of river Strymon. 

*the tomb of Hephaestion is discernable but not open to visit, as the archaeological excavations still carry on. 

Purchase tickets near registration area on Thursday 31 March 2016 and Friday, 1 April 2016 @ 09:00 - 11:00


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