Proceedings presented papers

1. Let's make a deal- Andrea Nicolaou,Andreas Achilleos, Charilaos Charilaou, Chrysovalantis Georgiou ,Nicoletta Mavrommati

2. Fractals and music-Alice Cortinovis

3. Fract@twin- Apriceno Azzura, De Nardo Jessica, Maimone Chiara, Rachetta Giuseppe

4. Fermat's problem in geometry- Nadezhda Aplakova, Alexander Kolev

5.Geometry along the time- Ciupitu Andrei Valentin

6. Mirrored numbers with mirrored power- Vlad Cristian Crisan 

7. Chromatic Number-Desislava Kukova

8.Erdbmofjbkrjybop or mathematics and cryptology -  Gabriela Sklencarova

9.Family of circles going through the point of feuerbach - Magdalena Krasimirova Markova, Yoana Danielova

10.History of calculating devices - Terttu Tammaru, Silja Kask

11.Circle on Lattice - Maria Georgieva Petkova

12.Fermat's Problem with one negative and two positive weights - Nadezhda Aleksieva, Ivelina Lyubenova, Alexander Kolev, Nadezhda Aplakonva

13.The arithmetics of the calendar- Georgi Dimitrov Peev, Hristo Atanasov Vladev

14. A square cut by two rays at - Gyulbeyaz Fahri Ahmed, Valcho Milchev

15.Finding the Algebraical Rule in Geometric Patterns - Kosyvas Dimitrios, Kosyva Aimilia

16.Invariants - Stretea Roland


All abstracts must be at most 250 words. The abstract is written on a single column A4 page. Margins on right-left must be 4 cm each and on top-bottom 5 cm each (the full text should have dimensions very close to 13x19 cm vertical with full justification). The language to be used is English.

The typeset must be TIMES NEW ROMAN. The title must be centred between the margins using TIMES 14-point type, CAPITALS, BOLD SINGLE SPACE. Leave one blank line and then type the author(s) name(s) using TIMES 12 pt, BOLD. Underline the name of the presenting author. Directly below type the affiliation, address and email for each author using TIMES 10 pt. Use asterisks (*, **, ***) to correspond the name to his/her address.

Leave four blank lines after the affiliation and address and type the word ABSTRACT using TIMES 12 pt, CAPITALS, BOLD, CENTRED. Leave one blank line and type the abstract using TIMES 11 pt, SINGLE SPACING.

Please send a copy of your abstract in MS WORD for Windows (PC version) by email to the attention of the Programme Committee at .

The deadline for abstracts/summaries is 18th December 2009.

Presented papers will be reviewed and invited for publication in the proceedings of the conference to be published after the conference.


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