Chaired by Dr Gregory Makrides
President-Cyprus Mathematical Society
President of THALES Foundation


Workshop 1

"Mathematical Games and Puzzels"

By Professor Dr. Michael Lambrou, Greece
University of Crete
Abstract: This will be a hands-on session on various mathematical games, puzzles and instruments. All are ingenious and help the student understand mathematical principles or processes.

Workshop 2

"Learn Mathematics by Games"

By Professor Dr. Sava Grozdev, Bulgaria
Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians
Abstract: Several mathematical games will be proposed to the students to play in pairs. One of them is the following: "Write down the numbers 25 and 36. The first player finds the difference and writes it down. The second player finds the difference of any 2 of the written numbers and writes it down. It is not allowed to write down an already existing number. The loser is the player who has no move." This game exercises the Euclid's Algorithm and the GCD (the greatest common diviser).

Workshop 3

A royal way in mathematics: from problem solving activity to research work"

By Professor Dr. Vasile Berinde, Romania
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Faculty of Sciences North University of Baia Mare

Victoriei Nr. 76, 430122 Baia Mare ROMANIA
Tel: 0040-262-276059
Fax: 0040-262-275368
Abstract: The workshop is specially designed for secondary and high school students and teachers attending the European Student Conference in Mathematics. By preparing their own presentations in the conference, these students have already done an important innovative and creative work. Therefore, my main aim in this lecture is to illustrate, by means of some appropriate case studies, how a creative problem solving activity could naturally direct the solvers to their first research work in mathematics.